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What do we do?

We assist low to no support needs males in creating their own Mates That Matter (MTM).


As Sydney’s freshest all male, NDIS friendly community, Mates That Matter helps blokes over the age of 18 create and build lasting friendships between like-minded fellas.

Why does Mates That Matter exist?

We believe in being the difference

Mateship is such an important aspect of male mental health which isn’t given the attention it deserves. We’re here to change that.


How do we help our members create their own Mates That Matter?


We host an all male community and social (events) program designed for blokes, by blokes


Focused on having fun and creating strong bonds between our members, we host a weekly events and social program. 

With our weekly events either on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, MTM hosts a range of diverse outings & activities.

You name it, we’ve done it. From Virtual Reality Gaming, Beach Days, Bush Walks, Movie Nights our list of events is endless!


Become a Mate

MTM is committed to providing you with the best opportunities possible to create your very own Mates That Matter.


MTM encourages all males in Sydney to come and enjoy a Free Trial. Come experience the range of great experiences and services MTM has to offer.

NDIS participant or not!

For those ready to be a part of the fun and join the action we encourage you to visit and register on our Become A Mate page and follow our easy signup process.

To confirm Mates That Matter is the right community for you, please visit our Why Join Us page.

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