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Who We Are?

Very simply! We are a group of mates committed to helping you create your own Mates That Matter.

Our Story


After being forced into lockdown during 2020 we realised more than ever the value of having good quality Mates That Matter. We recognised the importance of friendship to our mental health and general quality of life.

We wanted to be part of the change and help other males who may at times struggle socially or feel they don’t have the time or capacity to search for good quality mates.

With this in mind Mates That Matter was born

Meet The Team!

Daniel Drapac

Founder & Host

What does a mate mean to you?

To me a mate means someone to have fun with and who is not only there for you during the good times and bad but also builds you up to be a greater version of yourself.

Favourite way to spend a day off?
With my mates, at the beach.

Oliver Leanfore

Operations and Events Manager

What does a mate mean to you?


Being a mate means being someone who’s there to talk to, or sometimes just listen, someone to spend time with where you both grow to be better versions of yourself, together!



Favourite way to spend a day off?
On the football field, refereeing!

Haydn Payne


What does a mate mean to you?

A true mate understands you, will have you back when you need them, will laugh, weep and share experiences with you.

Favourite way to spend a day off?

Bow in hand, practicing at the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Mates That Matter is not a registered provider. 

Yes! Mates That Matter is unique in the fact that we’re not traditionally focused. Normally in a support worker to client scenario the focus is on the creation of a friendship between those two. At MTM the focus is on the strong development of member to member mateship.

Yes. For security reasons to access our Two Week Free Trial you will need to become a member. But this doesn’t mean you’re locked into our service! After your trial, as an NDIS participant or not, you can easily opt out of your membership.

We recommend our program to males with a high capacity for independence.

A general rule of thumb if the participant cannot or highly struggles to travel on public transport by themselves they may be unsuited for the program.

Yes, for both the safety of our other members and to ensure we are the community for you all new members go through an introduction & eligibility zoom before they can come to events.

Nope! We highly encourage our members to come to as many events as possible but in no way are our events compulsory. Our members have the option to come to any events which align with their hobbies and interests or just to have fun!

NDIS Members Non NDIS members
MTM has worked very hard to ensure our members who are NDIS Participants can enjoy our services using their Core NDIS funds. For our Non NDIS members they have the option of cheaper bulk membership options.

For more information on pricing please visit our Become A Mate page!


For those wanting to be a part of the fun, yes, you will have to have a Facebook profile. How much you put on your profile and publicly share is up to you. Please submit any profile enquiries or concerns to dandrapac@matesthatmatter.com and we will assist you.

Our members will be kept fully up to date with our events through our both our Members Group on Facebook and via email. 

Events are posted & emailed out each Tuesday & Wednesday respectively for the coming weekend. 

RSVP’s are conducted through our members only private MTM Facebook group as well as via Email. It’s as easy as a click of a button!

We understand we live in interesting times where personal hygiene and space has never been more important. Therefore we have made it a high priority to make our activities as COVID safe as possible.


Any male over the age of 18!

When you’re ready to become a mate all you have to do is follow our simple Sign Up process on our Become A Mate! Page  

Please see our Why Join Us page for more information.

Our events are based all over Sydney! MTM is proud to have an extremely diverse activities program which will take us all over Sydney. 

Any male over the age of 18!

Our events are run by our team of positive and energetic hosts! Lead by Daniel Drapac, we take our hosting’s very seriously. We make sure we pick the best quality, experienced and qualified blokes we can find to run our events in order to make your experience as great as we can.


Mentioned on our How We Do It page, it is very important to us that our members are not restricted if they do not drive. We have made it a priority to ensure that our events are never more than one public transport route away from a central location.  

Our events are as safe as we can possibly make them without limiting ourselves to sitting on chairs in a circle! All our hosts have up to date certified First Aid & CPR training to ensure the maximum individual safety as possible. 

When selecting and planning our events, our team works tirelessly to make certain the activities we partake in are as safe as they can be for our members. 

Our hosts play a number of rolls at any given event, including:

  • Leading the group in the groups designated weekly activity
  • Keeping our members safe 
  • Ensuring everybody is having the best time and experience possible and whilst very importantly, having fun!

All our hosts are either qualified or heavily experienced in both running events and in the many fields of mild disabilities.

Our managers are just the mates who host the events. Depending on the group size the number of managers will vary but there will always be one present. 

Yes. As long as you are a male and over the age of 18 you can come to any event. For more information please visit out Become A Mate page  
NDIS members Non NDIS members
For our NDIS participants whether you are Self managed, Plan managed or Agency managed you will be invoiced accordingly through your nominated NDIS fund. Our non NDIS members pay for the package of their choosing when they sign up on our Become A Mate page

Please enquire about our Service Agreement for our terms and conditions 


For any concerns or complaints we welcome our members to get in contact with us directly at our email dandrapac@matesthatmatter.com as we will prioritise returning your concern asap. Or alternatively please use our anonymous complaints box on our website.

No. For our NDIS members you do not need a support worker with you to attend our events. However, if you feel more comfortable with one we warmly welcome you to get in contact with us and we will enthusiastically accommodate. Please note we reserve the right to enforce support workers at our members own NDIS expense if for any reason we feel it is required.

MTM is fully insured in case you or one of your fellow mates has an accident during the course of one of our events. 

All new mates can enjoy a one event free trial. 

No, our members are not obligated by any means to attend any events that they don’t want to. Please note our program’s subscription model means if you don’t attend a weeks event you will not be refunded.

For employment opportunities please get in contact with us at dandrapac@matesthatmatter.com 

Whilst we do try our hardest to make our sign up and payment process as easy as possible for our members, unfortunately as we are not and NDIS registered provider we do not invoice NDIA managed participants and they will have to pay through our website as general members.

All members, pay for our program in advance. For more information please contact dandrapac@matesthatmatter.com

If you are looking to cancel your membership please email dandrapac@matesthatmatter.com

For the safety of all our members any persons with a criminal history (excluding inactive charges) will not be permitted into the program.

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