MTM Newsletter Feb 2022

MTM Newsletter Feb 2022

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As MTM begins to grow so is our team behind the scenes! Therefore it’s a perfect time to introduce myself, I’m Claire the new Events and Marketing Coordinator. I’ve been interning with MTM since October 2021 and I’m excited to expand my skills to help make MTM even bigger and better. In the next coming months stay tuned for a wide selection of activities ranging from outdoor cinemas, AFL games to golf!. As always if you have any ideas or want to find out more, feel free to contact Claire, Events & Marketing Coordinator at


Lunar New Year

The team started February off by celebrating Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger. The rocks had a range of festivities to join in with, lion dancing and night markets to name a few.


Rock climbing

Week 2 of March saw the team tackle on rock climbing. It was a great activity that required intense concentration and team work. One of the guys was aware a JB-HI-FI gift card for his impressive efforts, taking the crown of MTM’s very own climbing championship.


Sydney Kings game

The team was lucky to witness a thriller of a basketball game, Perth Wildcats vs Sydney Kings. With the Kings winning by a last minute bucket just as the siren went, with the score ending 95-98. The atmosphere was contagious, ensuring the team all had an exciting and enjoyable night.


New members meet & greet

We wrapped up the month to meet a new member over a couple of meals and a feast for true kings. The team couldn’t have been more excited to welcome a new member on board and its safe to say everyone left with a huge smile on their faces.

Know someone would be interested in helping? Feel free to share us around or contact us at to help create your own mates that matter. Want to find out more? Scan the QR code below!

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